how to delete Reddit Accounts

How to delete Reddit account

How to delete Reddit account

This blog spot, I will share the complete step by step process to “How to delete Reddit Accounts”. As you are looking for delete your Reddit account permanently you are at right place. This blog post will help you delete all of your Reddit account data.


Why Should We Need Reddit Accounts?

Reddit is a social media news site and it allows users to share and discuss their views and though with the world. You will find different communities which are known as SubReddit. If you want to share your thought with the world then you need to signup for this Reddit and start posting on you is favourite community. A

When you post something on Reddit people may like it or dislike which lead your account authority. If someone likes your post you will get one point which is known as upvote in Reddit and if someone dislikes your post you will get a negative point which is known as a downvote. Combination of upvote and downvote create the authority of your Reddit Accounts.

Things you should know before deleting Reddit account permanently.

There is some issue which you must consider before deactivating your account.

  • When you deactivate your Reddit account, Reddit will not delete your posts and comments from your account. If you want to delete posts and comments from Reddit as well then you need to delete them manually before deactivating account permanently.
  • You must know your account password and username without this you will not be able to access it.
  • When you delete your username you must remember that it can be used again by you or anyone who want it.
  • Once the account got deleted you will never get it back.

If you agree to delete your account then proceed future and follow the steps.

Step 1: Login into Reddit Account

The first step you will need to go website you can login into Reddit account from a web browser or mobile app which is easy for you.

After going to site navigate to the right corner of the site and click the login button.

how to delete Reddit Accounts

Now input your username and password on signing the form and click Sign in.

Reddit Accounts login form

If you don’t know your username or password then click on the link forgot username if you don’t know the username, if you forgot password then click forgot password.

Step 2: Go to “User Setting”

Now goto your username on the right corner and click on it and find user setting from the dropdown.

Reddit Account - User Settings

Step 3: Click the Deactivate Account.

As you reach to your user setting page you will see multiple options but at the end of you will see Deactivate Account option and click on it.

Reddit Account - Deactivate

Step 4: Enter a password and Deactivate

You will see a screen where Reddit as for feed and your username and password. Just as information and hit deactivate and you are free now.

Reddit Account - Deactivate 1

There is no option to reactivating Reddit account if you delete my Reddit account mistakenly. So before permanently deleting your account please make your mind.

If you are planning to get a new account, then there are two options

  • Create an account and grow it manually.
  • Buy Reddit Account and start using because it will be high-quality account.

If you have any question Related to Reddit marketing then contact us.

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