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How to Crosspost on Reddit

How to crosspost on Reddit

In this post, I will guide you on how to crosspost on Reddit. Several factors decide why you want to do a crosspost. Sometimes you find a post interesting and relevant to other subreddits as well. Then you crosspost it.  I will provide you step by step guide to crosspost on Reddit.

What is crosspost on Reddit?

Crosspost is a process of posting the same content two other subreddit, which is not posted already there. It is not specific that you can only post your content; you can post some other user content that you like. Crossposting is similar to repost, but the only difference is that you mention that you give credit to other subreddits or users in it.


Factors to Crosspost a content

If you want to do successful repost that people most like, then check does your post have these factors, which is listed below.


If you would like to be active on a crosspost, be sure the content is satisfied that the specific subreddit you crosspost. Do not attempt to earn a cute animal pic into r/funny or gloomy pic into r/awww. Ensure the content is relevant and like regular content, or your crosspost is going to be downvoted to oblivion.

*Many subreddits have over 1 theme which will be approved, and you’ll learn what content works for that which subreddits throughout the time.


A post cannot be too young. It could only be too outdated. If a post has been created with the previous 3 months, it’s risky to crosspost because of a high prospect of recognition. If over 3 weeks old, it’ll be from short-term memory, and you may safely assume the vast majority of people will not recognize your crosspost. A crosspost can’t be recent, or individuals will understand and downvote your article onto oblivion.


Step by Step Guide:  How to crosspost on Reddit

Step#1: Log in to your Reddit Account

Go and find the sign-in button on the right corner.

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Step#2: Enter Username and password

You will see a login form on your screen and enter your username and password, and if there is captcha, then check it and hit Sign in button.

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Step#3: Find the post to crosspost

As you get a login, find the post which you want to crosspost on Reddit. This post must be unique and original. You can find it on the Homepage or specific subreddit.

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Step#4: Find option to crosspost

You will not find a crosspost option on the new Reddit crosspost easily. Click on the post which you like. It will be a popup, and you will see multiple options.

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Step#5: click Shared on your post

Click on the share option on your post page, and you will see a dropdown, which includes crossposts. Click the crosspost and get crosspost screen

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Step#6:  Subreddit Selection

Enter the subreddit where you want to share your content.

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Step#7: Unique Title

Enter a unique title to the post or any other information

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Step#8: Publish your post

The final step is to recheck the title and subreddit and hit post.

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Reddit crosspost, also know as xpost Reddit. If you have any other question related or if you want to buy Reddit Account or Reddit marketing, then contact us.

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